What Is Special About Ageless Spirit Acupuncture & Light?

Gentle, respectful, nonthreatening environment:  Shinai honors all her patients as being in charge of your own health; you remain the authority of your body and healing journey.  She humbly brings to you the best of her knowledge, skills and tools to assist you, and attends to you with kind, gentle observation of your responses.  She even offers, for those afraid of needles, the use of her laser pointer to activate the points.

Comprehensive Approach: Applying advanced systems of Light Therapy,  a background in Nutrition, as well as Structural Work,  Cupping for Mobility and Circulation, along with a highly effective form of Acupuncture, all give you great reason to expect fast improvement for a wide range of health conditions.

          We offer the most reasonable rates in Tucson for private acupuncture treatment.

          We offer Facial Rejuvenation with the use of very fine needles and light therapy.

          Shinai will tackle virtually any health issue you may present, from stress to low energy to neurodegenerative to digestive toback pain.  She trusts in the power of the ancient system of acupuncture to be working at all times for the body’s increased health.

About Shinai Lilly, L.Ac.

For decades Shinai has sought to reduce suffering with any non-invasive technique that works!  Beginning at age 7 by relieving her dad’s chronic neck pain, much later after 5 years of college and a marriage, she went on to attend the Institute of Educational Therapy.  For over 3 years she studied deep tissue, movement and emotional therapies there, plus yoga teachers’ training at the Iyengar Yoga Institute.

In the 80’s Shinai began her own practice, which included therapeutic yoga, bodywork, and yoga classes. She also designed and led many workshops, such as “Total Health Lifestyling” and “How to Heal Yourself.” This was also when she first experienced acupuncture, which she felt saved her life.  Chronic anemia, fibromyalgia, CFS and deep deficiencies were making it difficult to function. Acupuncture began her long healing journey; she found it to be the only way to actually increase the health of her adrenals and kidneys, as it does for all our organs.

Now light therapy and specialized nutrition can be added for speedier improvement, as Shinai has learned from numerous nutrition trainings and studies.  Since finishing acupuncture school in 1999, she has studied microcurrent acupuncture with Dr. Darren Starwynn and the Balance Method with master acupuncturist Dr. Richard Tan, as well as many other acupuncture programs.

Shinai also holds certifications in Nutrition, Emotional Freedom Technique, Zero Balancing, Advanced Massage Therapy, Transcendental Meditation, and U of A Quit Tobacco program, among others, and is a Reiki Master of 22 years.  She stands ready to assist you along your path to great health.