Ageless Spirit

Acupuncture & Light

Shinai Lilly, L.Ac.

Your Point Of Good Care!

“Shinai – she is a deeply compassionate healer.  She is an astute scholar in the healing arts and her treatment approach includes an eclectic application of varied modalities of acupuncture, light therapy, cupping, and hands-on healing, as needed, as well as reiki.  She is always expanding her knowledge base to deepen her practice.  Her holistic approach aims to reach the root cause of issues presented.”

Jeanette, Tucson

“Shinai is a very gifted healer. I attribute her acupuncture treatments for being a major part of my own healing process, bringing me back up from major burn-out and physical depletion. My energy levels have returned, and I feel alive again. Her wisdom and attunement are impressive, and I always learn something new from her that enhances my own life and growth process.”

Mikaela Quinn – Artist, Writer, & Former Publisher of the Awareness Journal